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Caliente Springs Resort

There was a time not so long ago when Sky Valley Resorts was nothing more than 160 acres of arid land sprouting native vegetation. That was during the 1950's, back when the Manthei family was searching for someplace far away from the cold Midwest winters. Like a miner in search of gold, part-owner Tim Manthei’s father headed off to Southern California after hearing talk of the natural hot springs in the area. Being the entrepreneur that he was, the elder Manthei saw potential in those hot springs and snapped up some acreage. Never did he imagine just how much potential those bubbling underground cauldrons of hot water would one day have! His son Tim did though and after graduating in 1970 he headed to Desert Hot Springs with plans of building an RV park. Within a few months Sky Valley Resorts was open for business. Literally situated off the beaten track, the resort’s grand opening wasn’t so grand but fortunately that changed once the underground hot springs were tapped. Word of the hot springs’ therapeutic qualities spread fast and it wasn’t long before Sky Valley Resorts went from ordinary RV park to a much-in-demand vacation destination. Thirty-plus years later, there are now 2 Manthei-owned hot spring resorts in Sky Valley with immaculately-kept space for over 1,400 RVs. The resorts also boast 270 spacious vacation style homes available for rent or for purchase.

70200 Dillon Rd, Desert Hot Springs, CA 92241

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